Overall Experience Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of Shoreview

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First and last time client. Was told by my brother who came into the Shoreview MN location to try this place out. He had used a first time client coupon for $10 from the coupons and beyond website and it worked. I go in today 6/4/2017 and the place is busy but no big deal. BUT, I see that there is a laptop kiosk at the desk and YOU have to check yourself in, NOT the stylist.....Um, what?......Self check in?.....Aren't the staff supposed to do this??......They do every other salon I've been to. The staff are ok but seem to have no clue how to work the POS system. The clients are equally confused what membership card does what and what payment method they should use. The wait time goes fairly quickly and when it's my turn the stylist says since I'm a new client, I get the MVP upgrade - hot towel, neck massage. But after she cuts my hair - nothing. Just walks me to the counter. Ok......I say nothing......I present my coupon and she looks at it, gets a confused look on her face and brings it to the manager. Manager comes over and says "we dont take this....I don't know where you got it but that coupon code does not work in our system" I tell her this comes from CouponsandBeyond.com.....she just says " We dont take internet coupons" Um.....I have newsflash....MOST COUPONS COME FROM THE INTERNET. Not to mention, this exact coupon from my brother had been used successfully by my brother previously.......I cant tell you when this was, but I assume it was before they got their stupid self check in system. So my $10 haircut (so I think) is now $19....... As a guy with normal guy hair, you just wanna pay 12.99 plus tip and be on your way...... So my advice to you (Sports Clips) is you better get in touch with CouponsandBeyond.com and tell them to pull all the coupons they have for your location and the many other locations they are advertising. My advice to John Q. Public: Just go to a barber shop, pay a fair price and get the service you'd expect.

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